Face Your Demons

And so I ran. I ran with every ounce of adrenaline pumping through my veins, as if my feet were alight with flames. I ran and pushed myself harder, each footfall jarring my bones until my teeth hurt. I couldn’t let it catch me. I wouldn’t. My breathing became ragged and uneven and my lungs slowly seemed to tear. I kept running; my pace eventually becoming slower. I made a final lunge as if it could save me and turned to meet the eyes of my demon. I watched as the darkness of hell consumed my being until nothing of me was left but the very stardust I was made from.


Picture:  “Running Away” by Alexandre Dulaunoy from Flickr licensed under the CC0 Creative Commons license.


The Well

There once was a girl

Magnificent was she

Blessed by a beauty

Not compared


One day of play

At the mysterious old well

Set up by her friends

She was dared


She went to the well

Refusing to be scared

When she heard the bell

Deep within that called her


That one day of play

Was one too many

Called by the bell she followed

Another soul for the well to be swallowed

And far down the beauty fell under


She cried out for days

There was no more play

Her friends never sought her


Years more, they passed

The people laughed

Whenever the well cried out

They wondered


These hollowed bones

They creak and sigh

And that’s what gives this well

Its moans


I used to be known

as that beautiful girl

With the flowing brown hair

It seemed


Now that years have gone by

They listen to my cry

I’m only known now by her



Picture:  “Faces Peer Into a Deep Well” by Mister Wenzel from Flickr licensed under the CC0 Creative Commons license.



I like to think


I never sleep

But then

When I wake up

Outside in the snow

Wondering where I’ve been

Where I’ve gone

Where I’ve come from

That I again realize

That maybe

I do sleep

But my body tends to wander


It’s not finished being awake

Whilst my mind

Is too weary

To carry on



I like to think that

I’m invincible

That I will not eventually


But then

When I wake up


My fingers have gone


And lost

Their feeling

That I again realize

That perhaps

I am wrong


There are cars

Blaring past

My frozen soul

And I rise

And attempt


Hurry home


But I






Picture:  “Footprints on Snow” by the Pexels team licensed under the CC0 Creative Commons license.

Sun Kissed

Once upon a time

I wished the sun

Could take me home

But it only hung there

In the sky

And mocked me

For my small existence

In this gargantuan world


She sits in a corner

With her eyes drawn

To a close

And wishes

That for maybe just one day

One hour

A second even

That the sun could take her


And kiss her a



By dawn

And an

Even more



By dusk


Picture:  “Orange Sun” by the Pexels team licensed under the CC0 Creative Commons license.

This Will Be My Redemption

We are coming for you

Conquering mind and soul

We will slaughter and reap and reign

Until nothing is left but the dust

Accumulating within your bones


You dare to stand there and laugh?


As you refuse reason’s hand

She puts you on your knees

Groveling for a mercy

That will never be



and yet.

You remain smiling



Picture:  “Eyes” by BogdanaLS from Pixabay licensed under the CC0 Creative Commons license.

AN: Hey! Sorry I haven’t written or posted anything in while, school has gotten a bit busy, though I have more to come near Christmas!

Your Majesty,

She wept upon her throne,

Her bones dripping with gold,

She thought she’d found her home

Within these hollowed catacombs.


Instead she then found silence,

A loneliness uncompared,

As her crown crashed to the floor,

She quietly despaired,

Her kingdom gone to ruin,

Her people fled in fear,

And so she watched it burn,

Without a single tear.


The king took away their child,

A soulless man was he,

It left her ragged and wild,

She dragged him out to sea.


So now she sat alone,

No family

To call her own,

With no crown upon her head,

Her seat no longer her throne.

For all these tragedies she bled,

Though none were of her own.


She was Queen of the Unsaid,

It was the silence that killed her,

Her people wanted her dead,

But the quiet did it faster.


Picture: “Crown” by the Pxhere team licensed under the  CC0 Creative Commons license.

Quiet Down Please

Prompt: You’ve been able to read minds since you were a child, mostly you watch people’s thoughts passively and undetected, but one day someone talks back.

You relax into your chair while you enjoy the warmth of your drink and the atmosphere from the bustling cafe around you. Adults and teenagers alike tend to come here for several different purposes, whether catching up with old friends or studying for an upcoming test. You on the other hand just like to listen and give silent advice to those who will never hear.

‘God, I’m never going to able to pass this test’

You look at them with small traces of pity hiding behind your eyes, ‘man I don’t miss those days at all’

They look at you, not quizzically but if anything irritated, ‘I never asked your input, sir’

You lock eyes for a short moment, then, clearly flustered you shift your gaze to your hands and fiddle with the ring on your finger. ‘That was strange..’ From your peripheral vision you watch as they look back at you again, becoming increasingly annoyed.

‘Sir, can you please quiet yourself, I’m extremely busy at the moment and I’d rather not listen to your commentary on the subject’

Your heart begins to drum rapidly, leaving your hands clammy and shaking. ‘This.. this isn’t possible, they couldn’t possibly hear m-’

They promptly cut off your thought. ‘Yes, Sir, I CAN hear you and now as I’ve politely asked before will you please be silent? I have deadlines to meet and you are more of a hinderance to me than a help, and while you’re at it, you should really get out of my head or at least buy me a coffee first’

You slowly blink and turn to meet their unwavering stare.


Picture:  “Coffee” by the MaxPixel team licensed under the CC0 Creative Commons license.


I don’t want to be plagued

By your breath

Or your bone

Plagued by the way your fingers

light my skin

On fire

Or the way my soul

Cries out

When you smile

In ten thousand years

I don’t want to be plagued

By the way you hold me

Like you never


to let go

Beyond several hundred centuries

I don’t want to be plagued

By the way

I yearn

For your attention

Like I would


Without it

T o m o r r o w

I don’t want to be plagued by it all

I want to be pleased by it


Picture:  “Running Away Fire” by the MaxPixel team licensed under the CC0 Creative Commons license.

Are You Aware

You make me so oddly aware of every tick

Of every tock

That the clock makes

You make me so oddly aware of every inhale

Of every exhale

Of the breath my lungs tried so desperately to hold on to

For much too long

But couldn’t

You make me so oddly aware

Of every single detail

Even the way

You hold the knife

Behind your back

As if I couldn’t see it

You make me so oddly aware of how

Seemingly your eyes


When you


You make me so oddly aware of how


You make me

Want to




Picture:  “Frost” by Sarah Klockars-Clauser from OpenPhoto licensed under the Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) license.

Perhaps Not

So, you may not witness the sorrow that stains around my eyes,

You may not relish in the way my soul shakes and trembles.

Tomorrow we search the clouded skies,

For some hope that my confidence hardly resembles.

So, you may not grasp for the song thrumming within my bones,

A fire fueled beneath my skin.

You may not reveal to me the tones,

That dance within you, your sins.

You may not wish to embrace that of me which is left,

And to that I understand,

Because why would you

of all people

e x p l o r e






Picture: “Landscape” by the Pxhere team licensed under the  CC0 Creative Commons license.