Face Your Demons

And so I ran. I ran with every ounce of adrenaline pumping through my veins, as if my feet were alight with flames. I ran and pushed myself harder, each footfall jarring my bones until my teeth hurt. I couldn’t let it catch me. I wouldn’t. My breathing became ragged and uneven and my lungs slowly seemed to tear. I kept running; my pace eventually becoming slower. I made a final lunge as if it could save me and turned to meet the eyes of my demon. I watched as the darkness of hell consumed my being until nothing of me was left but the very stardust I was made from.


Picture:  “Running Away” by Alexandre Dulaunoy from Flickr licensed under the CC0 Creative Commons license.


9 thoughts on “Face Your Demons

  1. Great read!
    If you like, I was going to link to your blog for my next Liebster Award – it’ll hopefully get more readers interested in bloggers with under 200 followers. Are there any particular bloggers you like whose short stories / poems impress you & could do with a larger audience?

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    1. Oh I would absolutely love that, thank you! Sadly a lot of who I follow have since stop posting, Flemingcreativity was one of my favorite poetry blogs but they haven’t posted in a few years. Creator Corner though I believe is good and they still post off and on. creatorcorner.wordpress.com You can check it out if you like!

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      1. I agree, it’s a real shame when bloggers who’ve got great content gradually slow down with it all. Thank you for recommending them 😀 I look forward to checking them out! Happy New Year! ❤

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      2. Thank you ever so much! 😀 Hope you enjoy some of the short stories I’ve released!

        How would you prefer to be name-dropped in my post? Just your blog name, or first name too? (I found putting a name helps humanise blogs a bit better, since readers know there’s a real person behind good content). What would you prefer?

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